Breathtaking illustrations
that tell a lifetime story

The ArtiSima Project is a gallery of handmade drawing and illustrations prints made by my mother Sima between 1970’s – 1990’s.

Every piece has a lifetime story to tell and they are part of my DNA as a person an husband and a father, as I remember every dot of them created in front of me as a child.

The arts were professionally scanned and enhanced and they fit perfectly in every space. These art will add brightness, positiveness and a wonderful accent to every place it belongs.

Sima passed away in 1996 – and this is to commemorate her.

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Sima the Artist

Sima the Artist
Sima was an artist in soul as in life.
She was always dressed in good taste, always smiling and welcoming. Everywhere she went she made good friends and people admired her for her kindness and nobility.

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When you buy ArtiSima you get a unique piece of art that has a high artistic value, where every piece has a different, touching lifetime story to tell.
You get a top quality product made from the finest raw materials available, creating a big impressive wall art décor that adorns perfectly any environment.

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People around the world are decorating their interiors with ArtiSima.

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These unusual works are something you have never encountered before - they will make you think, look at them again and again, discover new details that you have never noticed. They are emotional, romantic and thought provoking.


The works were created 40 years ago by hand only using a Rapidograph 0.25mm black pen, and a random watercolor painting (for some of them). Every piece is originally signed by the artist.


All the works have accompanied my life since childhood. I was there as a child when my mother drew them. Sometimes after a busy workday, sometimes with great joy and sometimes accompanied by pain and disappointment. Behind every work there is a story of a lifetime - a story that can be told without words.


The sizes chosen for the prints are large and impressive. Just what you need for your bedroom, living room or office. You no longer need any other wall décor with one piece of ArtiSima on yours.


The original works were scanned with an art-proof scanner and professionally enhanced to bring them to premium finish level. We use only Top Level Artistic Grade products for printing! Posters are printed on Smooth Photo Rag Premium quality paper 285gsm (8.4 oz/yd²), and canvas are printed on Artist-grade 410gsm (12.09 oz/yd²) cotton canvas with gentle texture.


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