Who does he Resemble? - Black and White Abstract Fine Art Print for Office, Living Room and Home Decor


Artwork name: “Who does he Resemble?”.
Originally created in: 1986.

...The power of the family unit - two different people bring a new different person into the world. Each spectacular and beautiful on their own, and together they are a wonderful demonstration of compassion and love...

Black & white Art-Nouveau style ink on paper original artwork fine art print. Canvas / thick paper poster print of an original pen on paper A Dog, Cat and a Rabbit illustration created by the artist Sima (1948-1996).

When you lean towards large pieces of statement art in your home, black and white is the safest choice. A black and white statement piece is a classic décor choice, matching whatever styles you will go through for the rest of your decorating life.

This unique wall art print will add a powerful designing focal point to any room. Treat yourself to a new special artwork print for your home or give as a housewarming gift to a hostess you adore.

Select your favorite variation:

- Unframed Prints (Rolled paper or Canvas)
- Framed Prints (Paper or Stretched Canvas)
- Framed Mounted Prints (Paper Only)